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Your Bio

Robert McClintock is a freelance photographer working in Northern California. He travels, photographs, documents, and comments on his own my-neighborhoods-net, sharing his experiences with a growing community of friends on the Internet. He has also worked as a conductor and composer in the “classical” music world, and before that a conductor and brakeman on the railroad—freight and passenger trains. He was also a classical music critique and writer for the old Sacramento Union, and continues to compose shorter pieces and does some arrangement/orchestrations, some of which you will likely hear in the background to some of his slide shows.

One of his great loves is photographing the Sacramento City College football team, which he has been covering since 2006. Bob also photographs events, weddings, businesses, organizations, does portraiture, and custom work.

Bob is a member of NPPA (National Press Photographers Association), NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), and PPSV (Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley).

For more examples of my work, please visit my other sites at Creativ-Eservices, and my-neighborhoods-net. He photographs in digital and film, 35mm, medium, and large format, plus Apple’s iPhone.

To retain his services, or if you have a special event or a story that might make for an interesting photo-documentary and you think our neighbors will find interesting, contact Bob via the Contact pages at the above linked web sites.

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